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Dimensions have fascinated scientists, engineers, designers and children all over the world.

3D Printing gives expression to 3D Design. This business disruptive technology is an elegant confluence of design, materials engineering, software and business innovation. With resourceful application of this technology, the early adopters have raised the bar on product design and the quality of printed objects, multi-fold.

There are abundant case studies and success stories available in the field of Medicine, Automobiles, Aviation, Jewelry, Manufacturing, Optics, Safety, Education etc. The technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, providing fixes and additional capabilities that would not have been possible in a R&D environment alone.

3D printing has grown 17.4% last year crossing $6B

At RaceNext, we have seized and embraced this technology lock stock and barrel. We are building ourselves to provide technically qualified, superior advise and accelerate the general skills and competence, at an hitherto unprecedented scale, in this country.

Reach out to us for objective and reliable inputs. Our unbiased guidance will help you reach superior business decisions.


Whether at home or at the workplace, 3D Printing is guaranteed to improve the imaginative, creative and constructive of people. When we recommend a buy, we want the first users to be thrilled and we want the experienced users to be impressed.

There are thousands of 3D printers out there. And some of them also boast of bedazzling videos and advertisements. We can quickly provide suitable options based on whether it is for learn/play, prototype or production, whether it is plastic or metal, base plate size, fast or precise, whether to purchase an imported printer or buy locally.

Our guidance can get you best reward on investments since we consider all factors like the basic technology and design, consumables, upgrades, technical support or simply your preferences.


As your organisational capabilities and demands for 3D printing increase, you will sense the need to include more business processes, build more daring prototypes, and challenge the limits. It’s one thing to run a 3D printing on a desk. And it’s another thing to build an environment that runs a set of heterogeneous 3D printers that have come from different places and are co-located to meet a well-defined strategic purpose.

We have first-hand experience of planning, designing, procuring and setting up a 3D Printing Zone, replete with printers of all pedigree and specifications.

We know how manage available space, design a layout with pre-processing, post-processing, quality checks, safety, material handling, inventory management, air-conditioning requirements that is industry standards as well as regulatory compliant.

We can expedite your setup by providing the operating processes, IT infrastructure needed, software and trained manpower required for a hiccup-free operations. In short, we can convert the zone into a place that you will want to frequently use to wow your VIPs, potential customers, investors and employees alike.


We have developed quality training programs and assessment techniques to generate expert personnel with sound fundamentals and good hands-on exposure on using the software tools to solve business problems :

  • CAD Designers - generic 2D/3D design and rendering, industry specific design principles, reverse engineering, mastery over leading modelling, meshing and FEA software platforms, material properties
  • Applications Engineers - domain expertise matched with 3d printer usage and materials selection skills
  • Operators/Managers - understands how to schedule jobs, inspection, post-processing, optimize time and resources, manage inventory, conduct training programs, keep the premises secure and safe.
  • Maintenance Engineers - install, configure, maintain, calibrate, trouble-shoot, repair, track tickets with manufacturers

We have tie-ups with reputed 3D printer majors, technology service providers, educational institutions to provide credible assessments and valuable certification. Our network of customers and prospects are one source of career options for our trained manpower.

RaceNext has a policy that ensures usage of licensed software, processes and content.

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3D Printing is a jewel in the crown among technologies in the corporate value chain. Adopt this technology now to reap business (and career) benefits. Help RaceNext to channelise the minds of our youth towards disruptive innovation.