About RaceNext

RaceNext builds informed communities to harness the potential of emerging technologies. We work to generate projects, create career opportunities, make enterprises agile, and provide our inputs to policy makers.

Our strong ties with enterprise customers, technology service provider communities and the academia enables us to define the business need most accurately and provide flexible and reliable solutions with least trial and error.

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Technology Services

3D Printing

Whether you are a student, curious professional, design house or a manufacturing unit, help us get you closer to this fantastic technology.

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Discover how easily you too can realize the many benefits of Blockchain across your business and industry sector.

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IoT promises to connect 'things' giving rise to immense possibilities of automation, safety, governance and efficiency. See the deck shown at #CIOManufacturingSummit
CIO Manufacturing Summit



Involve us for strategic initiatives, funding, large projects, organizational certification, technology roadmaps, testing, cost optimization etc.

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Ongoing IT projects

IT Transformation
IT Transformation
Productivity for the future
Info Security
Prevention is the best cure
Green Supply Chain
Supply Chain Optimization
Every penny counts

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