About RaceNext

RaceNext is committed to remain agnostic of any brand, manufacturer and supplier, simply to ensure that our advise to you is objective & influenced only by the benefits that you should gain.

RaceNext is hands-on. All our practices and techniques, whether in the field of technology or management practices, are based on latest models and frameworks, if not a conclusion of our trials.

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3D Printing

Among the top 5 disruptors of recent times, we sincerely believe that 3D Printing has the potential to go beyond printing and transform from the core how we 'build', 'deliver' and 'innovate' in the first place.

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BlockChain is a revolutionary way of recording transactions in digital, distributed ledgers. The need to have consensus among each participant makes it immutable and reliable.

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IoT promises to connect 'things' giving rise to immense possibilities of automation, safety, governance and efficiency. Watch this place for exciting tie-ups with IoT platform majors.


We excel in Project Planning, Execution, Software Testing, Business Process Mapping, IT portfolio rationalisation and Startup Funding.

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