A blockchain is a digital, immutable, distributed ledger that chronologically records transactions in real time. The pre-requisite for each subsequent transaction to be added to the ledger is the respective consensus of the network participants (called nodes), thereby creating a continuous mechanism of control regarding manipulation, errors and data quality” – Blockchain in banking, Deloitte , 18 Apr, 2017

While the genesis of Blockchain is through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital signatures etc., the technology is now being explored and developed for use scenarios involving distributed ledgers in the BFSI and other sectors, to derisk the transactions and to make it faster, more reliable and cost-effective.



04 Aug 2017

The LaLiT Hotel, Mumbai


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Our sincere thanks to experts and participants from 63 Moons FinTech, DesignTech Systems, GeekayInfotech, ICICI Bank, Infrasoft Technologies, KPMG India, LIC, Motilal Oswal FinServe, PTI Consultancy, QuickMetrix, Reliance Industries Ltd., The Coin Edge, Zone Startups