About RaceNext

RaceNext builds informed communities to harness the potential of emerging technologies. We work to generate projects, create career opportunities, make enterprises agile, and provide our inputs to policy makers.

Our strong ties with enterprise customers, technology service provider communities and the academia enables us to define the business need most accurately and provide flexible and reliable solutions with least trial and error.

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Technology Services

3D Printing

Among the top disruptors, 3D Printing transforms how we 'design', 'build' and 'deliver' faster, inexpensive, stronger and environment friendly products.

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BlockChain is a revolutionary way of recording transactions in digital, distributed ledgers. The need to have consensus among each participant makes it immutable and reliable.

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IoT promises to connect 'things' giving rise to immense possibilities of automation, safety, governance and efficiency. Watch this place for exciting tie-ups with IoT platform majors.


Involve us for complicated and high-risk projects; get systems tested for functionality, stress; optimize your operations costs; Startups reach out for funding ideas.

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It's not what technology can do for us.

It's what we do with it.

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